I am pleased with my etching of three hens which i have been working hard on, by changing the plate. (i have quite a few artist state proofs which i can sell cheaply!) it is etched on steel and i have printed it on bfk rives and arches blanc paper with black ink and hand coloured with water colour. i had a hen called prudence who was the leader of the pack – she was a beautiful black rock, and the white hen was called snowdrop. she was very chirpy and inquisitive. my hens are free range and these died of old age. they are pets but we eat the eggs! when i was 4 years old my parents had hens. at the end of the war they were sent away because we moved house and i remember being very sad because “the old white hen” was going away in a van. this etching is in memory of my old white hen, prudence and snowdrop.