Elizabeth Shepherd printmaker artist

When I was at Art College in Dundee we did life painting, still lifes, and drawing in the old fashioned way. I do enjoy looking at the craft and talent in figurative drawings paintings and prints myself, although I enjoy seeing exciting modern work – but its not what I am used to doing myself. I love the Glasgow boys and Daubigny.

I went to the wonderful exhibition in Edinburgh to see his landscapes and the artists he inspired, including Van Gogh but my etchings aren’t like them! Its funny that you can adore someone’s style but can’t express yourself the same way! Among my favourite artists are Munch, Derain, Vuillard, Renoir, and Bonnard.

I make etching plates then experiment with them, so I end up with a lot of different prints especially if they are coloured. I make prints with two or three plates on top of each other in different colours and do viscosity which involves going over the plate with rollers before printing. My black and white ones are all the same after I have finished playing around with the plate. But they are all limited edition prints and I very often never finish printing the number in the edition so that they are even more limited! If I put 1/40 on an etching I will go on to make another plate after 6/40 sometimes! I can always go back to them and try out different colours in the future. I always make some a/ps at the beginning which are artists proofs done in the first experimental time.

I will put on images here which may be slightly different from the ones which I still have for sale, if that is the case I will put up images of ones I definitely have for anyone interested. I tried keeping a lot in a cupboard but it didn’t work, I need them for exhibitions and my open studio.