"Crail Harbour"

my first etching (steel)

​23 x 30 cms  £120

​chosen for international exhibition at Portland Museum Oregon

I have lots of etchings available, some in my planchest in my studio and many I haven't printed yet as I rush on to make new plates without printing the whole edition. I like to experiment with old plates sometimes and create new images with multi-plates or rolling over the plate to create a background colour - or viscosity where you go over the top of the plate with two rollers one with greasy ink and one with dry ink. Also my daughter Katy McKidd Stevenson who is also an artist asked me to print a few of her favourite etchings in magenta to go on the pale blue walls of her room where they look very nice! (and I had never printed them that way before or since) So if anyone has that sort of idea I can do it for you - it is fun! Here are some of my older etchings which are still available. Some of them have been in the RSA, SSA, VAS, ABERDEEN ARTISTS, RGI and the Portland Gallery Oregon! Also Scotland House Brussels and many other places. To see my daughter Katy's work go to www.katymckiddstevenson.com and one of my other daughters Roo McKidd is an artist too. Her facebook page is www.facebook.com/roos.coos22/She painted pictures of cows where she lived in the hills of Angus.

"In The Country"

etching on zinc plate

40 x 30 cms


The country Scotland

"Winter Fields In Angus"

etching on zinc


this painting was by my daughter Roo McKidd -will get one by Katy - couldn't download from her website

"Crail Night"

viscosity etching

48 x 43 cms