"Josephine's Poppies"

Well I've never made a blog before, I will have to look up some tips about it. I am looking after my baby granddaughter Marnie Mabel at this moment because her Mummy is moving house. (the baby is asleep in her playpen) Last Saturday, 11th November 2017, I went to the opening of the RGI's annual open exhibition with George and Lesley Gilbert.We all had work in it and it was a lovely private view. There was no wine , it was at lunchtime, and the rooms which were in the Mitchell Libraries were carpeted so the whole atmosphere felt cosy, and I enjoyed looking at all the different styles.

On 25th and 26th November the East Neuk Open Studios which I am part of are holding an exhibition in the Dreel Halls in Anstruther.

my daughter Josephine with Marnie and her sister Annabelle on the swing.


My daughter Katy and I have finished learning a new type of lithography which is quite alien to me! It uses rubber ink and acetone and sylicone!! A week on Wenesday we are going to start a new one. Baby asleep in playpen. The baby and Josie are in the picture on the left. I had made an etching called Josephine's Poppies in the past but the plate got spoilt -  but I have resurrected it . Here it is - and I have started to  make an edition with watercolour called Josies Poppies which is in the RGI till the 26th November. When Josephine was a little girl she had a little garden with poppies in it and I sat in the garden with my easel and drew on a steel plate and then made it into an etching with nitric acid which we don't use any more because it is toxic. I couldn't finish the edition for years until now.